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your corporate identity 

I just need a logo…“ is how most con­ver­sa­tions with my cus­tomers start …
For every­body out there start­ing a busi­ness here is some Mar­ket­ing advice:

It´s NEVER, EVER just a logo.

This is the face of your com­pa­ny. It will appear on busi­ness cards, sta­tionery, web­sites, and all oth­er adver­tis­ing materials.

If you have a busi­ness — no mat­ter what you sell or do, no mat­ter how small or big, you want to cre­ate a brand.
You want to be the next … Coca-Cola*
You want to be RECOGNIZED.
So choose with care.

Want to learn more about cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty? Click here.

Hunt County Tunes for Tots

I love the com­mu­ni­ty I live and work in — no doubt about it. And one of the rea­sons is because of SO many won­der­ful, gen­er­ous, kind and lov­ing peo­ple, like Tra­cy and Amber Tra­vers,  who start­ed Hunt Coun­ty Tunes for Tots Toy Dri­ve , along with Brad Jen­nings and Chris Young. This Non-Prof­it has become A BIG THING!
Start­ing as a Christ­mas toy dri­ve at Sweet­wa­ter Grill, they expand­ed, rais­ing mon­ey for spe­cial needs pro­grams, school lunch­es for kids, schol­ar­ships and so much more —  I can only imag­ine what is yet to come!

No need to men­tion how hap­py I was to do my part and cre­ate a logo and start a lit­tle home­page for them:

Cost Less Storage

A lot of my cus­tomers were my friends first, and some of my cus­tomers quick­ly became my friends and either way: I love see­ing my friends grow their businesses!
Like these 2 amaz­ing peo­ple, Kel­ly and Beau Jones who start­ed Cost Less Con­tain­ers a while back, and now adding a Self Stor­age Facil­i­ty to their Con­tain­er Busi­ness. The lot is locat­ed off 34 South, right out­side of Greenville. Besides 20 and 40 foot Con­tain­ers you can also rent space to park your RV, Boat, Trail­er… Go check them out: Cost Less Storage


CBD — Septic and Excavation

… Carl Crow installed my Sep­tic Tank when I build my house and he did a great job!
I was more than hap­py when he came to me and asked for a logo for his com­pa­ny and I hope I did just as good a job for him as he did for me!

Vis­it his Brand new Face­book Page:

… Home­page soon to come 🙂

Juice n’ Things

This young Lady is about to start her own busi­ness, and I had the plea­sure of cre­at­ing a logo for her!

Scott A. Cornuaud — Family Law Attorney

One of my favorite Pow­er Cou­ples in Hunt Coun­ty is def­i­nite­ly Kendall Cor­nu­aud and Scott A. Cor­nu­aud! When they asked for a Logo, I jumped at the opportunity!
Thank you both for always shop­ping and sup­port­ing local businesses ❤️


Lake Tawakoni Water Sports

I have wait­ed for a place to rent jet skis on Lake Tawakoni for a long time!
And now they are here and I had the priv­i­leged to cre­ate their logo 🙂

They are locat­ed in West Tawakoni, right before the 2 mile bridge. You can rent Pon­toon Boats, Jet Skies, Kayaks, Bounce Hous­es and Bran­non will even take you out on a fish­ing tour!

Be sure to like them on Face­book

Voice Print Promos

It was a plea­sure cre­at­ing this Logo for my friend Lon­ny Schon­feld.

Check out his new Busi­ness:, you will find any­thing and every­thing you need for your adver­tis­ing needs

I have con­tract­ed the ser­vices of Dani at Schon Graph­ics on two recent occa­sions. I could not be hap­pi­er with the results.
Dani is not only won­der­ful­ly cre­ative, but she approach­es her client rela­tion­ships with patience and pro­fes­sion­al­ism. Her atten­tion to detail, and mak­ing sure the client is hap­py with the fin­ished project is the rea­son I will con­tin­ue to use her com­pa­ny for all of my design needs.

Hargrove Heaven Farm Labradors

The Own­er Man­di Har­grove knew very well what kind of Logo she want­ed when she first called me: Dogs, Fam­i­ly, Farm, Hunt­ing and Texas.
And if she loved the logo, she will get a tat­too — so no pres­sure there — LOL!

This was my first logo-tattoo 🙂

Also check out her amaz­ing web­site, cre­at­ed by Syn­er­gy Multimedia

I con­tact­ed Schon Graph­ics and knew from the start I found the right place. Dani made my logo a real­i­ty and bet­ter than I imag­ined it to be. She was patient and lis­tened to all my requests. The entire process from start to fin­ish was smooth, pro­fes­sion­al, and com­plet­ed in a time­ly manor. I’m so hap­py with Dani’s work that I had it tat­tooed. Thanks for every­thing, you’re the best.Man­di Hargrove


Rodeo Roughies

… is a Non Prof­it ded­i­cat­ed to the preser­va­tion of the offi­cial sport of Texas, finan­cial­ly sup­port­ing the youth of rodeo…



Marleys World

… is a blog, where my dog MARLEY writes about his life:

Me is a Ger­man Shep­herd Mix. I know that because I under­stand what my ger­man Mama sais, and I like to eat Bratwurst! And when Mama don´t look: I lick her beer bottle 😉

Look into my Blog and fol­low me on Face­book — you´ll find my Mama´s tipps and tricks.
And when you are a good boy, you can write me a com­ment or e‑mail and I will answer you: woof-promise!


The Lake Tawakoni Regional Chamber of Commerce

… has gone through some changes — and so did the Logo.

Since Lake Tawakoni is the Cat­fish Capi­tol of Texas, is seemed only nat­ur­al to have a Cat­fish in the Logo.
Every­one loved the fish so we took it a step fur­ther and made him a mas­cot and he will show up on all kinds of Adver­tis­ing Mate­r­i­al and Face­book Events.


Choose Health

If you can talk about LOVE AT FIRTS SIGHT — this cus­tomer ‑would be it 🙂
The Own­ers Felis­sa and Nor­man need­ed a logo that felt nat­ur­al, resem­bled that a lit­tle drop can do SO much and was able to go from a Tiny Name tag to a large ban­ner or car… and of course in their Com­pa­ny Col­or: purple.
If you haven´t been to their busi­ness yet — you need to fo check it out!


Medical Massages, Stefan Pavlin

I devel­oped the cor­po­rate design for the mas­sage practice:
from the busi­ness cards to the design of the wait­ing room. I drew the woman with chalk on can­vas for the wait­ing room. The draw­ing is repeat­ed on all of the com­mer­cial doc­u­ments and was vec­tor­ized for the car and window.


Scentsemilla — Soy Candels

Logo for marijuana scented soy candels

The own­ers of this com­pa­ny want­ed a logo that would be appeal­ing to 2 tar­get groups:

  • the “pot-heads” who were famil­iar with mar­i­jua­na, and would buy the can­dels for that reason
  • and the “yan­kee can­dle” peo­ple who want good qual­i­ty can­dels and love new smells

This was a fun project and the canelds are a big hit and avail­able on Ama­zon.

Yoga Bewegt 

yoga moves you

This is a lit­tle yoga stu­dio in Ger­many, focus­ing on a young tar­get group who wnats more out of yoga than just exercise.

Yoga “moves” your body, mind and soul.


Yes, I got paid in wine for this one 🙂

One of my favorite logo´s: Roost­er Hill Vineyards
This is a small “just for fun” vine­yard in Cal­i­for­nia which pro­duces about 400 Liters of Mal­bec Wine each year.


Logo, business cards

Amy´s Dessert Company

This young Lady started her business in highschool

She start­ed cater­ing desserts like small cakes and choco­late straw­ber­ries to Birth­day Par­ties and Weddings.
Soon she was so pop­u­lar, her Busi­ness was grow­ing and she want­ed a logo that was “PINK AND SWEET” 🙂

She has plans to open her own Café one day… I hope it will be in my neighbourhood!

Tawakoni Area Public Library

The Tawakoni Area Public Library came to me for an update of their homepage.

They didn´t have a logo, so first things first: a logo needs to be created!
Of course it had to be somet­ing resem­bel­ing a book 😉


One of my first Logos fresh out of college!

Ulrike Neuhann´s tar­get group were women in high pos­tioned jobs,  30plus years old.
She lead var­i­ous sem­i­nars like mem­o­ry train­ing and time management.

Galaxia Events

… an event center under the stars

The Event Cen­ter was an old Green­house far out in the coun­try …  the logo should do only one thing: show the guests they will be under the stars.
Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this busi­ness nev­er made it past ideas and designs… maybe some day…

Huerta Gardening

This business never got off the ground because of personal reasons…

But if things ever change… the logo designs will be wait­ing right here 😉

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